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Could Flandoodles be the perfect dog?

  So, why are Flandoodles considered the perfect dog? Have you ever heard of the Flandoodle?  Not only is this breed fun to say, but they are also one of the perfect breeds for many families. Today we will go beyond just looks to show you exactly why your next dog needs to be a Flandoodle.



  Flandoodle has a rich history. They are a crossbreed of a Bouvier des Flandres and the Poodle. The Bouvier is a herding dog from Flanders,
Belgium that developed into extra farmhands.  But they have also ventured into working as guard dogs and police dogs. The Poodle is a natural-born hunting dog from the German and France regions.

  In the early ’90s, the first Flandoodle came about as a designer dog in the USA. They are the perfect combination of the hunter and herding dogs. They are hypoallergenic thanks to the Poodle lines and have fantastic temperaments.

You may be wondering since they are so large, do Bouvier des Flandres drool? They do not drool more than the average dog, and therefore neither will your Flandoodle.



  Flandoodles have a great personality. They are energetic, fun-loving, gentle, and loyal. Your Flandoodle will want to go everywhere you go. Being right at your side through all daily activities are what helps them thrive. They are intelligent and sensitive to others’ emotions around them.

  While they can be the perfect family pet, they will also need to have early socialization. If they are not socialized early, they can be shy towards other pets and people.  But, when you introduce them to new experiences early, they will be outgoing and excepting of almost everything.

  Your new Flandoodle will have strong bonds with you and enjoy everything you enjoy. But, these Doodles are not for the light-hearted. They do require a lot of attention and can not be left alone for a long time.


  Doodles of all kinds are known for their intelligence. The same is true for the Flandoodle. Flandoodles learn at an average pace. So while they probably will not be at the top of their class, at least they aren’t at the bottom. They are eager to please and also respond well with positive reinforcement.

  It is a good idea to exercise your dog before training sessions. Especially as young puppies, they can be very hyperactive. Getting a long walk-in to wear them out can help them keep focus while training. You may also want to break up training sessions into 20-30 minute increments at first. Since large dogs take longer to mature, it will be hard for them to keep focus for too long.

It is also essential to train a Flandoodle’s mind with puzzles, tasks, and mind teaser games. They do not like being alone for long and can develop bad habits to curb boredom. When you leave for work, give your dog special treats and toys that they only have while you are gone. You will also want to have a rotation of these toys to keep their minds active while you are away.



  Exercise is just as important as training with Flandoodles. A dog that does not get enough activity throughout the day can have serious adverse effects. Your dog may start to act out, chew things, and even mark inside the house. They will also have a hard time listening to commands, even when trained.

We recommend giving your Flandoodle at least an hour’s walk a day combined with an hour of playtime. This walk will help provide them with time outside the yard and stretch their legs. It can also prevent them from wanting to run away every time a door is left open. Even Mini Flandoodles need a lot of exercise, so there is no escaping that.

There isn’t anything that you do that your Flandoodle won’t be able to keep up with. They love swimming, hiking, running, and exploring and are the ultimate outdoor dog. They don’t even mind the heat of summer or the cold of winter.


Coat Type

  Is the Flandoodle hypoallergenic? Yes!   These dogs are great for anyone that has allergies, asthma, or does not want a shedding dog.

  Their hair is usually very thick and kept at a longer length. But, there technically isn’t a breed standard for a Flandoodle haircut. If you like it shorter or longer than others, that is fine too. Flandoodles can come in almost any variety of colors you can imagine. But, the most common colors are brown, black, white, and grey.



Since Flandoodles are hypoallergenic, it means that they need a different type of grooming than short-haired dogs. Flandoodles typically are kept with a long shaggy coat that requires daily grooming. Because of how active they are, you will want to comb behind the elbows, ears, and stomach every day to prevent knots.

You may even have to brush their hair every day to keep it from matting during activities. If you want to decrease whenever you need to brush their coats, you might want to keep their hair cut short. You will still need to brush several times a week and comb in high-friction areas, though.


Size And Lifespan

When you think about a Flandoodle, what usually comes to mind is a standard. These are the most bred Flandoodles and grow up to weigh about 55-80 pounds. These Flandoodles are bred with a Standard Poodle and Standard Bouvier des Flandres and live 10-12 years. But, since both of these dogs come in miniature sizes, it is possible to get a mini Flandoodle.

There is a lot of debate on how small a Mini Flandoodle is since they do not have a breed standard yet. If you are wanting a mini Flandoodle, it is best to talk with your breeder about how they breed their minis. Seeing how small both of the parents are will give you a good idea of how little your puppy will be. Your breeder may even be able to show you pictures of their fully grown minis for comparison.

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